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Cherokee’s full range of services

makes us your underground one-stop shop
Call us first or call us last.
We do underground right the first time.

Why Cherokee?

Our motto is to “Get it right the first time,” which would mean fewer change orders, no surprises, and no unexpected expenses, and why partnering with Cherokee in the early stages of a project allows diminished prospective project issues, which saves valuable time and money.

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Cherokee’s services cover it all. Our services have evolved in response to customer needs and now cover everything that an owner or general contractor needs when it comes to underground utilities. Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with high quality workmanship and cost-effective solutions delivered ahead of schedule and within or under budget. Cherokee is qualified to perform the following heavy construction and infrastructure work:

  • Water Distribution Systems
  • Underground Fire Protection
  • Sanitary Sewer Systems
  • Storm Drainage Systems
  • Concrete Structures
  • Drainage Control Structures
  • Value-Add Engineering
  • Trenching / Excavation / Hauling
  • Test Holes / Utility Location Documentation
  • Concrete / Flowable Fill
  • Staking

Solid, Predictable Performance

In many cases, Cherokee is able to cut 25-30% off of a typical schedule to install underground utilities. We get it right the first time. Not only are we the most effective and efficient contractor around, our total costs are often less because we require fewer changes due to pre-planning. Then, our Cherokee team works closely with owners, developers, engineers and designers to minimize plan changes once construction has begun.

Interested in learning how we can help you get it right the first time? Call us at (210) 623-3211 or email us at for a free consultation.