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Cherokee’s reputation is based

on our dedication to high quality.
And our high quality comes from our outstanding people.

Why Cherokee?

Our motto is to “Get it right the first time,” which would mean fewer change orders, no surprises, and no unexpected expenses, and why partnering with Cherokee in the early stages of a project allows diminished prospective project issues, which saves valuable time and money.

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Our Story

Miles Montgomery founded Cherokee Contracting in 2003 after a long career in the cross-country pipeline industry. Miles was inspired by the notion that there had to be a better way to do business than what existed at the time. With the simple vision of “get it right the first time,” Miles has grown Cherokee into one of the most successful utilities contractors in the Southwestern United States.

Much of Cherokee’s success is a direct result of the dedicated and skilled workforce Miles has recruited since 2003. Over 75% of the current team has been with Cherokee since the beginning.

Our “get it right the first time” vision means fewer change orders, no surprises, and no unexpected expenses. We stand behind our work and our word. Our process is field tested and preferred by partners, developers, and general contractors.

Cherokee prides itself on creating value for our clients. We convert specs to field application, then further refine the scope in consultation with all stakeholders to close gaps in the specs and eliminate surprises. Our detail-oriented approach to each project ensures that all issues are discussed and resolved in advance so we start construction without delay. During our review, we collaborate with the customer on ways to more efficiently execute a project to save time and money.

Our people are passionate about our reputation and are proud of the quality of our work. We understand that in our industry, the only things that matter are job quality, speed, and cost. Relentless focus on these three areas has made the Cherokee team the best in the business.

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